Alternatives to circumvent the increase in Euribor rates on home loans

Between amortizing capital and negotiating new terms of the credit agreement, there are some ways to get around this situation and reduce your charges.

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How to compare housing loan proposals?

If you are looking for the best home loan to buy your home, it is best to ask different banks for proposals to be able to compare. But what should be put side by side in decision making? What numbers should you look at? Let's see in this article.

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Housing credit. Government allows lower IRS withholding

Euribor rates, a reference in housing credit, once again hit the highest levels of more than a decade. The three-month Euribor rose to close to 1.4 percent, the highest since 2012.

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Government studies lowering interest on housing credit in the IRS

Pedro Nuno Santos had already stated that he was studying a way to help families with the payment of the house to the bank. Measure already exists, but for contracts until the end of 2011.

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Mortgage loans: Nine tips for those who are thinking about buying a house

To help answer various questions, DECO Proteste has gathered nine tips that help to analyze bank proposals and explain what care should be taken.

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Portugal ranks first among the best European luxury real estate offers

The reasons that drove the high demand for homes in resorts from 2021 and 2022 are still valid and even stronger. Pedro Fontainhas, executive director of the Portuguese Association of Residential Tourism and Resorts reveals to Diário Imobiliário that the summer and the rest of this year will continue with a solid demand for this type of product.

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Efficient homes. "There has to be a big investment in our housing stock"

We are moving towards energy efficiency but in small steps. With regard to efficient homes, a specialist warns: “We are just taking the first steps in the matter, there is a long way to go, which needs to be widely disseminated”.

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Real estate market continues to rise: Licensing, credit and valuation

Until the end of May, the evolution of the license issued by the Municipal Councils for works of new construction or rehabilitation in residential buildings increased by 0.6% in year-on-year terms.

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Despite the prices, a house is sold every three minutes in Portugal

In the first quarter of the year, nearly 45,000 homes were sold in the country. In every 17 sales, only one was to foreigners.

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